We create emoji packages for your brand

We create emoji packages from our collection of thousands of top artists from all over the world. With the largest databases of emoji artists, we can quickly build emoji packages for your own business, boost your market awareness and global presence, as well as enrich your campaign or event; locally, countrywide or globally.

Big brands are already using emojis. Be part of the emoji era!

Every day, trillions of stickers and emojis are being sent from all over the world.

Budweiser, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, and other big brands use emojis to engage consumers with the new form of language.

Be part of the daily conversation with millions of people.

Brands have increased their usage of emojis by 777% since January of 2015.

Opportunities and benefits with MojiLaLa

We provide a cool social media pack & press kit for you, including but not limited to special videos, social media posts, and posters.

You will have access to all messaging apps including Apple’s new App Store for iMessage with custom stickers. Our distribution partners include:

We can even manage your partnerships and distributions with other platforms as well for greater reach and engagement.

How We work together

Firstly, we listen and understand your brand’s style.

Secondly, we find the right designers who best fit your brand.

Thirdly, we jointly review the sketches to make sure they satisfy your expectations. Then we will have the designers finalize the sketches to completion.

Finally, we will promote them on MojiLaLa social channels, our app (MojiLaLa) and feature them. Plus we can distribute across our distribution partners for greater global reach.


about our team

  • Dana Loberg
    Dana Loberg Co-Founder - CEO

    Dana is born and raised in West Los Angeles and previously worked at Fox Studios. She attended Yale University and is passionate about bringing new technologies in mobile to Hollywood. Also a huge supporter of women in tech.

  • Şahin Boydaş
    Şahin Boydaş Co-Founder - CTO

    Sahin is a hardcore movie buff, traveling all the way from Istanbul to create the best team and product that movie fans can love and enjoy! He’s a frequent movie goer and loves the art of movie making.

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